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New Political Party

The ALL American Circus 13: 11.3.20

America Is For Lovers Mission:

1. Elect A President that Unites American with Love.

2. Elect A Congress that Passes The Green New Deal.


America Is For Lovers Objectives

1. Unite Cheeky Artists & Activists to Influence 2020 Elections.

2. Produce Free Election Night Circuses in Swing States.*

America Is For Lovers Results:

1. The Largest Voter Turnout in American Political History.

2. The Largest & Most United Party in World History.

Louisville, KY

Host: Dave Chappelle

Headliners: Foo Fighters & Jack White

Location: RSVP Zanzabar


Tallahassee, FL

Host: Will Ferrell

Headliners: Queens of the Stone Age & Iggy Pop

Location: RSVP Club Downunder

Chapel Hill, NC

Host: John Stewart

Headliners: Beck & The Avett Brothers

Location: RSVP The Cave

Philadelphia, PA

Host: Seth Rogen 

Headliners: Nine Inch Nails & LCD Soundsystem

Location: RSVP MilkBoy

Tuscon, AZ

Host: Sarah Silverman 

Headliners: Vampire Weekend & The Lonely Island

Location: RSVP The Rock