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Election Night 2020 Party


Shalom. I'm Artist, Activist, Attorney, Atheist, Architect, and Adventurer Brian C. Foy Esquire.

Just kidding. I'm not an Architect. President Vladimir Putin is playing Geopolitical Chess and it's ruining American Life. The United States President is under orders from Putin to Divide America and he is WINNING. Since The Boston Tea Party, Americans have responded to attacks on Our Democracy and American Life by UNITING and PARTYING. 


On November 3, 2020, you will have choices. One Candidate is under orders from The President of Russia to DIVIDE America. Choose the Candidate that YOU think will UNITE America. On Election Night 2020, America Is For Lovers will produce FREE Parties in ALL 50 STATES with Comedy and Music. Show your "I Voted" Sticker for FREE Entry.

America's Vision

1) Make Election Day 2020 a National Holiday.

2) 81.9% Voter Turnout UNITING America.

3) FREE Parties in ALL 50 STATES.

4) A President & Congress that UNITES America.

5) Passage of The Green New Deal.